a / anadjectivenoun November 30    1

The article a becomes to an when the following noun starts with a vowel.Not a adventure but an adventure. But how is it, when there's an adjective before the noun?Not a thrilling adventure or not an thrilling Adventure? And how is it, when the adject

A city which is not familiar to me November 30    1

Help me please convey the sense correctly. I am not sure that 'unknown city' is correct. I want to describe the city which I am going to visit for the first time. I am not familiar with this city. unknown city, city unknown to me, unfamiliar city?Whi

Have to / having to November 30    2

As fas as I know, "have to" is the commoner version of the two,but I'm finding more and more that "having to" is also used instead of "have to".She has to / is having to look after herself now.Are both freely interchangeable

What does 'to sleep late' mean closed November 30    1

What does the phrase:I slept late yesterday. orHe sleeps late on Sundays. mean?"To sleep late" means sleeping longer than usual, staying in bed longer than usual in the morning. It does not mean "go to bed later at night" or "stay

What does shortage mean in this context November 30    1

I have been trying to translate an article about wearable smart watches. The meaning of "shortage" in the text below is unclear to me: Does it mean lack of quantity or lack of quality or lack of facilities ?There is no shortage of wearable gear

What does all-in mean in this context November 30    2

I'm translating an article which is about wearable products (smart watches). I don't know what does all-in mean in the following context:If 2014 was the dawn of wearables in the sense that it represents the largest inroads made for a new product cate

What does the sentence mean November 30    1

I am reading a post here on how Google and Zynga set and achieve meaningful OKRs (Objectives and Key Results).In the post there is one paragraph saying:If you're finding your team sets quarterly OKRs only to trash them each quarter given a brilliant

what does take approach mean November 30    1

What is the meaning of take approach in this sentence? Most books take a very low-level approach, teaching you how to use individual classes and accomplish fine-grained tasks. Taking an approach means selecting the direction from where you want to st

Mission to educate November 30    1

Someone told me that Jewish people have, loosely speaking, a mission to be educators by teaching others sciences, religion etc. Are there any sources to back this up? Preferably some quotes?The children of Israel will be great sages and spread the li

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