Catholicism and the Laws of Moses duplicate December 1    1

This question already has an answer here: Do Catholics tithe? 3 answers The Catholic Church teaches that the Law of Moses (the Old Law) is a preparation for the Gospel, and as such no longer binding. The New Law (the Law of Gospel) is a perfection of

Why is Rome the holy city December 1    4

Why did Rome become the seat of the Pope and the central location for the Church? I would think that Jerusalem would be the first choice. There are also a number of other cities that I would personally pick over Rome because of location and centralit

Do angels sing December 1    2

In Job 38 angels "shouted for joy", Luke 2 has angels "praising God and saying". I've heard that angels are never definitively described as singing in the Bible - that although some translations use the word "sing", the origi

In reference to humans becoming Angels closed December 1    1

How can humans become Angels if (Ecclesiastes ) says "and dust returns to the ground it came from, and the Spirit returns to God who gave it" and (Ecclesiastes 0) "All go to the same place; all come from dust, and to dust all return.

Is hypocrisy a sin December 1    2

People don't like hypocrites, and they get a pretty bad rap in the Bible (especially from Jesus), but is hypocrisy itself a sin?In reformed theology at least, every one is fallen and cannot avoid sin, and is by definition a hypocrite if they point ou

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