Thematic roles adjunct November 30    1

I am a little confused when it comes to giving a theta role to some of my sentences. I got: James got a ball yesterday. where James has the role as BENEFICIARY. Got is the main predicate. a ball is the THEME and yesterday have the role as TIME or is

Dependencies in case phrases November 30    2

Languages like Japanese are said to have case phrases (KP). I don't understand why case particles are considered heads. Why is the structure of NP+ga [KP [DP x] [K ga]] (ie the DP depends on ga)?I don't have detailed knowledge of Japanese but in Urdu

Steps to build a dependency parser closed November 30    1

I'm a beginner in NLP.What are the main steps to build a dependency parser?thanks.I suppose you mean a rule-based parser since nobody would think of developing his own statistical parser (there are so many good open-source libraries).Building a parse

Nominative Case Assignment and VP-Internal Subjects November 30    1

From what I've learnt, structural case is assigned in certain structural configurations. For example, nominative case is assigned by tensed I/T to nominals in SpecIP/TP. Therefore, the case filter allows the nominal subject to become overt.My questio

Languages with 0 Number November 30

Languages that conjugate nominals for singular vs. plural number are quite common across the world. Languages which also have a dual conjugation are also fairly common. But is there any language which has a 0-number conjugation: a grammatical number

Category of nominal affixes relating to size November 30

While there are plenty of languages that have augmentive and diminutive affix, are there languages with something in between? big-AUG 'very big' big-MED 'rather big, a little big' small-DIM 'tinyHow are such suffixes called, when referring to all 3?

Multiple ways of representing adjuncts November 30

Multiple ways of representing adjuncts
In previous syntax courses, I could have sworn that adjuncts were drawn as being daughter of X' and sister to X', so there are two X' levelsEg: In my textbook, they are represented as daught ...

Why aren't defective words perfected November 30    2

Since Académie française superintends French, a solution seems easier (at least to prescribe and enforce) in French; I exemplify with it. Yet I question the same for English. Why hasn't French confected* conjugations or words that cause the defect, f

Linguistic tools: what works best November 30

I need to know what Linguistic tools are used when proving a bad translation has skewed the original message. I'm writing a paper trying to prove that the message found in present day bibles are very different from message written in Ancient Hebrew.

'modal' vs 'mode' vs 'modality' vs 'mood' November 30

TL;DR (Actual Question:) I'm wildered; so please explain as though I were 10 years old.What are the similarities and differences? This doesn`t compare all 4 nouns simultaneously.A Student's Introduction to English Grammar (2005; by Huddleston and Pul

Deceptive affix changes November 30    1

I exemplify with the following, but I ask this in general. How can I learn more about affixes that change meaning, especially those that are 'upended into' their antonyms?For example, I was researching the etymology of surreptitious: surreptitious (a

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