Does anyone has or have November 30    2

I have read a similar question here but that one talks about the usage of has/have with reference to "anyone". Here, I wish to ask a question of the form: Does anyone has/have a black pen? What is the correct form of verb which should be used he

In agreement with, In accordance with November 30    1

I have a question about "in agreement with" and "in accordance with". Dictionaries think they are approximately the same. But for these sentence pairs: 1a. He acted in agreement with the rules.1b. He acted in accordance with the rules.

The usage of on time vs in time November 30    2

Which one is correct ─ "on time" or "in time"? Are both correct? If so, when is one or the other used? This has been very confusing to me. I have tried to thrash out a simple rule when one or the other could be used: "in time"

predicative use of adverse November 30    1

Can we use the word "adverse" in predicative? The conditions on the moon are adverse for people to live In the sentence, is the use of "adverse" correct?I searched in the COCA corpus and found 23 results for are adverse. Only some of t

Agreeing with negative sentencesme neither or me too November 30    1

How do we agree with a negative sentence?What is the choice? 'me neither' or 'me too'?Say,I don't like my teacher ~ me neither OR me too? Agreeing with negative sentences can take both - 'me neither' or 'me too'. But it depends on the negative senten

What does kilo-stones mean November 30    2

What does kilo-stones mean
What does "kilo-stones" mean as in "Will stretch like kilo-stones or cypresses"?The phrase is in this book. It is used in "To Any Young Soldier", a sonnet by F. ...

Tzedakah vs. Maaser November 30    2

Can someone explain to me the difference between tzedaka and maaser?Is one the obligation to give daily, and the other the requirement to give 10% of yearly income?Can they overlap?Are some people exempt from one but not the other? Related: Tzedakah

Throwing Out Bread November 30    1

What is the nature of the prohibition to destroy bread? Why is it commonly presented differently from other destruction (bal tashchit)?from: may be used for any purpose as long as it is not

What is the meaning of te echo November 30    2

In episode 1 of extra en español, Lola is upset that Pablo is using her exercise bike. She yells at him:Si tocas mi bici... ¡Si tocas mi bici, te echo! ¡Te echo! ¿Me entiendes? What is the meaning of "te echo" within the above context? The commo

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