All A are not B November 30    2

(1) All apples are not oranges. or (2) All apples are not an orange. Both make sense to me:In (1), there are many apples so they all correspond to different oranges.In (2), though there are many apples, each of them regarded individually, are not equ

Plural or singular for 'hair' November 30    3

Check the sentence belowMy hair is rather short but I usually plait it/or them? I'm confused about whether I should use the singular or plural pronoun. You would use "it". "Hair" when used to mean hair as a material rather than to refe

Order of numbers in between November 30

While using between, we always use "lower"-"higher" number format. Recently, I got in argument whether this was just convention or is it standard?In other words, is this valid sentence: "I bought apples from market." Any

Asking menu that a brand of shop serve November 30    2

Sorry if it is confusing.What does a Starbuck serve? orWhat do Starbucks serve? The second one makes sense for me, since there are many Starbuck shops, but I'm still uncertain.Which one should be grammatically correct?The name of the company is Starb

What's the meaning of see through the veneer November 30    2

a wily interviewer is likely to see through the veneer if you really know nothing about the company. I guess its meaning is something like "see the inner side(,which is hidden or covered by its appearance or its look)"?This should be answerable

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