Get a bus or take a bus November 30    3

I read a sentence "Where can I get a number 20 bus?" on a website. Could you please tell me what the difference is between "get a bus" and "take a bus"..(This is all AmE)What you need to know is:Where can I catch that bus?How

funny you should ask November 30    1

Q: Is it ethical to send email to everyone who visits my Web site, or all of my customers?A:Funny you should ask... seriously, though, it is often tempting for people to send "bulk email" to large groups of people in order to pique their interes

red is a color creating anger November 30    1

(a) Red is a color creating anger. (b) Red is a color which creates anger The first sentence above is supposed to be grammatically incorrect. Could you clarify what is wrong with it?There's nothing grammatically wrong with the sentence, but it's hard

Is the kanji in this scene a mistake or some kind of joke November 30    1

Is the kanji in this scene a mistake or some kind of joke
My friend was watching the anime みつどもえ 増量中!, and in the first episode there is a scene where basically there is a protest happening against the kind of "power rangers" in this show ...

How to refer to a fixed number of things November 30    1

Once again I find myself unable to count. What is the best way to express the following in JapaneseThe three pigeons over there are noisyあそこにいる鳩が3わ煩い (my attempt)The four seasons are spring, summer, autumn and winter4の季節は春と夏と秋と冬だ (my different kind o

Saying it's my first time in (this place) November 30    2

I want to say that I am visiting a place (= Japan) for the first time. The sentences that I am thinking of are:これは私に日本中を始まるです.私が日本を始まるです. Which one sounds more correct? I am only one year into Japanese but Im trying to learn as much as possible.I thi

How can I say Flash Forward November 30    2

I've been thinking about a way to say "Flash forward two years in the future, he is now a school-teacher. or something of the like.二年後.彼は今教師です. is what I thought of. Does this even make sense?Thanks!二年後.彼は今教師です. It only means "After two years, h

Confused about the meaning of these nicknames November 30    2

Confused about the meaning of these nicknames
I was reading manga the other day and came across these nicknames that I can't make sense of.The context is as follows: Some mischievous students in a certain high school are bragging about ...

How to understand this sentence about film reviews in Japanese newspapers November 30    1

I'm a little bit lost here. The following sentence is about a film critic (Tsuchiya Yoshio) and the Yomiuri Shimbun. But I'm not sure about the meaning..読売新聞であれば.土屋好生のような映画評論家が批評するか.あるいは記者が署名入りで一本の映画を紹介・批評しています. Does it say something like this:critic

The role of hiragana when there is a relevant kanji November 30    3

If I don't know the kanji of a thing but I know the hiragana of it, can I just write the hiragana if I have to write it down? Is it a free choice? Or some rules or social formalities?First, as @TheWanderingCoder states, sometimes hiragana can be ambi

What does mon and kamo mean in Japanese November 30    1

Sorry, I am new at learning Japanese and I am trying my best to figure things out from word-by-word translations... but sometimes it's hard to piece together with just the internet.I was reading a blog wherein this guy drew a new character. This is w

How to separate words in a Japanese sentence November 30    3

Unlike some languages (English, French ...) , written Japanese sentences don't have spaces between words. I know that it is the same in Chinese for example, but the fact that the Chinese language only use one alphabet (hanzi) makes it easier to split

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