Suckling directly from a kosher animal December 1    1

After scouring the internet for various legitimate medical cures to a certain innocuous virus, several obscure websites suggest suckling directly from the teat of a goat (mirrored by several people my wife has recently spoken to-).Discounting the med

Etymology of the word Kvater December 1    2

What is the etymology of the word "Kvater"? Kvater is what we call the person that carries the baby boy into a Bris.According to this article, it is from the Medieval German word, Gottvater (godfather).Seth J8 7This post claims t

Can a prophet add to or change the Torah December 1    3

Is it possible for a prophet to add to the Torah, or change any of it? Can a prophet say that God has told him that certain parts no longer apply or are wrong? How do we know?The answer is no. In Yehoshua , Yehoshua says to the people:וַחֲזַקְתֶּ

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