What are the parts of a football uniform November 27

The jersey number varies according to the position that the player is in, as well. Quarterbacks and kickers wear jersey numbers from one to 19. Running backs and defensive backs wear jersey numbers from 20 to 49. Linebacker jerseys tend to have numbe

What is periplasmic space November 26

The periplasm contains proteins and water and can be compared to cytoplasm. However, small molecules present in the periplasm are unlike cytoplasm, as the membranes prevent free exchanges from happening between the two compartments. Proteins that are

What is the function of pith rays November 25

Pith rays consist primarily of parenchyma cells, a type of thin walled cell that typically makes up non-woody tissue. These cells allow for easy transfer of sap through the woody plant, making them essential to much of the woody plant's functions. Sa

Which countries are ruled by an anarchy November 22

Anarchy is a concept that originates in Ancient Greece. The word itself means "without rulers" and refers to a person or society governed by voluntary associations instead of a public form or government. The term is often used in a negative sens

With whom are Geminis compatible November 19

Each combination of astrological signs has a different level of compatibility. Even strong astrological matches can have relationship issues, and weak astrological matches can end in positive and healthy romantic relationships. The positions of the m

What muscles support the lower back November 16

No single muscle or group of muscles can do the job on its own, and each muscle within the three groups has its own particular role. According to Spine-health.com, the erector spinae are a pair of large extensor muscles that aid in holding up the spi

What causes skinny veiny arms November 16

Celebrities such as Angelina Jolie and Sarah Jessica Parker find their veiny arms under scrutiny in magazines such as E! Online and Daily Mail, but the phenomenon occurs in bodybuilders as well, and for similar reasons, states Pop Sugar. Extremely ac

What is duralumin November 16

Alfred Wilm, a German metallurgist, discovered duralumin in 1906 and patented it in 1909. It was made originally at the Durener Metallwerke company in Germany, and its name is derived from Durener and aluminium. Duralumin alloys soften when heated, a

What is atom economy November 16

The atom economy concept was developed by Barry Trost of Stanford University. Syntheses with an ideal atom economy do not waste any atoms during the transformation process. The higher the atom economy, the lower the level of molecular pollution. The

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